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Our english website is still under construction but it is coming soon presenting all menus in English.

However these menus are availables in English:

Looking for new co-workers!

Active nationwide, PALÁNTA® Children’s and Youth Mission is looking for born-again Christian co-workers whose hearts are on fire for lost children (Children’s Soul Winners) for employment from September as visiting teachers.

We are seeking lively Christians who want to do something for the next generation to teach religious education in schools.

If you have a few hours free in the afternoons, and you want to do something of lasting value by becoming a CHILDREN’S SOUL WINNER, then join us!

Looking for an additional 1000 covenant partners!

Feedback from parents on our Palánta Children’s Camp:

Text message received:

“This is just to thank you and the other teachers once more from my heart, that my son arrived home happy, relaxed and in good health, and enriched with unforgettable experiences. I hope you get to relax for the rest of the summer. God bless!... Andrea, A.K.’s mother.”

Written on Palánta’s Facebook page:

“Thank you for this summer holiday, my Niki really enjoyed herself! I hope she can spend the holidays with you again next summer! Thanks to Auntie Hanna for the personal note in the Bible she received! :-) God bless you all!”

Said on the telephone:

“Before I say anything else, I should like to thank you and all your associates for this camp! My daughter came home from the camp changed and recharged. She said as she was getting into the car, “Mum, it was so good. Can I go back next year?!” … Brigitta , T.F.’s mother.

This feedback proves that the love of God is not extinct, even in these times of trial. Almighty God is still revealing and pouring out his love in great abundance, on both great and small.

It is not just about one summer or one camp, however, but the whole of our lives. And in order for children to preserve this for their whole lives, they need to experience the love and grace of God day by day, and to understand his Word.

The work of Palánta influences one hundred thousand children from year to year, but in order to continue this work, indeed, to do even more, we need an additional 1000 covenant partners.

If we find people who are willing to contribute ten, five or two thousand forints per month (40, 20, 10 euros per month) to the work of Palánta, then we will be able to accomplish what is expected.

If you decide you want to contribute to this work, please fill in the Registration form, and when you send off your first payment you will have joined the ranks of our covenant partners.

May the blessing of our Lord rest upon you, as you too are a blessing in his work of salvation! Amen.

Thank you! The Palánta Children’s Soul Winners team – summer 2011.


The 1st Happiness Seekers short animated film is now available!

 “Happiness Seekers”

What is typical of all young people: they are looking for happiness. There are also a lot of pitfalls. All the promises, waiting, hoping, and all the more disillusionment, loss and depression – in many cases. Falling into gambling and substance addictions, unwanted pregnancy, loss of worth and wrecked relationships, lost years and purity… these are just examples of the hazards. This problem needs to be solved!

The goal of all our activities is to get people to think, to stimulate and redirect them. We want the trustworthy lifestyle of the next generation to be promoted in the most important spheres of life by a trustworthy basis for values, a clear self-knowledge, and a commitment to proper behaviour! This is why the “Happiness Seekers” study materials have been produced to inform teenagers on drugs, relationships, family, anger, communication – on the basis of a Biblical value system.

A short animated film has now been produced for the Happiness Seekers 1 study material, and you can watch the demo version of this on our website!

For further information on the video: Mrs. Erika Kőrös, psfa [harmadik] enternet [dot] hu


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If you can, please send us complete Bibles!

It doesn’t matter if it’s second-hand, if you’re happy to give it away. It doesn’t matter either, if it isn’t the Károli translation.

If you know any sources where we could get help, or if you can donate Bibles, we would be grateful if you could write (palanta [harmadik] enternet [dot] hu), or telephone (+36-1-322-0034), and we will pass on any donated Bibles to the prison mission or to children attending Palánta Bible studies.

Right now we need 50 complete Bibles for prison mission purposes!

Thanks to many generous donations, soon every prisoner will be able to fill in the Step to Step correspondence Bible school worksheets in prison using his own complete Bible! Thank you!

We would also like all the children attending Palánta Bible studies to get hold of their own full Bibles. Of course some of them already have their own complete Bibles, but in many cases there isn’t even one in the family… If you would like to do something about this, and help the children to know the Lord Jesus by donating a new or second-hand Bible, we would be grateful. God has laid the fate of children and families like these on the heart of one of our readers to such an extent, that he promised to send the cost of two new Bibles every month. Whether a regular or a one-off donation, whether a new or a second-hand copy, we can be sure that every single Bible will save lives. God himself has promised it:

“So is my Word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Book of Isaiah 55: 11)

How can I get a Bible to you?

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