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Spring Trip Offer

We heard about a little child. They lived in the southern part of the country; the father got mixed up in some mafia business. There was a shoot out, when the little boy was present, so fear and dread came into the house, and into the boy’s heart. His nursery school teacher told us the story.

The little boy got a Spring Trip cassette from someone. He listened to it every evening – EVERY EVENING – before going to sleep. He did not want anything else put on. This was what calmed him down. And just like a lot of children hug teddies or dolls in their dreams, while sleeping sweetly, this boy held the cassette case in his hand. The case for the “Spring trip” cassette, from which he felt God’s reassurance, the security of a hideaway from day to day in a defenceless situation.

Every year since 1996, we have given those enrolling for the first year of school a delightful story CD (supplemented with a colouring book since 2008). The “Spring trip” has given joy to more than 300,000 families so far. Feedback has been positive, both children and parents love this tale.

What the CD includes:

Embedded in the story of an excursion – thought-provoking situations, short stories, lots of cheerful music, and the gospel message. The whole CD expresses joy, a feeling of security and the meaningfulness of life in language children can understand.

Children need a hideaway, intimacy and security, they need to experience love in order to develop a healthy personality. Because of their family background, many do not receive this at home due to the helpless, insecure, overworked state of their parents. This is rectified by the tale they listen to. This gets into their hearts and emotions. The CD material prompts them to take a stand for GOOD, it exhorts and reassures them that whatever they may face, they should choose the good, and stick to it.

An important fact – children listen to CDs in a different way…

Children don’t listen to CDs in the same way as adults. They don’t just listen to them once or twice and then say, “I know that already.” No. If they like something, then they listen to it till they know it by heart. Then they keep on listening to it, and speak along with it, sing along, repeat things, because they don’t get tired of it. Why? Because they absorb the ethos of the material they listen to. The feeling of security, a hideaway, the GOODNESS of love. What they take in like this, does not just stay in their memories. It moves into their hearts. It shapes their mentality. It leads them to make right decisions. Just let there be something GOOD for them to listen to. The Palánta Soul Winners will undertake this task.

The influence of cassettes and CDs:

“When our youngest son started in the first year, on registering, he too was given a Palánta cassette! I was very ‘proud’ of you! Gergő is now in the second class at secondary school, and is a baptised Christian. Though he is sometimes unsettled, cassettes and other publications like these are often a great help, because there are times when the influence of worldly friends and classmates is very powerful. May the Lord help you to provide this endangered age-group with a great many more cassettes or CDs of this kind.” Love: T.

 “Dear Palánta!

 Thank you for the materials you sent! I have passed them on to people. I should like to order the Spring Trip for the 26 registered first-years. The headmaster is very pleased about this opportunity. He really liked the Easter puppet performance too… In Christian love, and I look forward to receiving the materials at the following address: … V.F., a teacher.”

 One of our Children’s Soul Winners writes about a school Palánta group experience:

My prodigious little girl began to sing the song “This little light of mine”. – “Oh, where do you know that from?” – I asked. “From the CD we got. It’s on one of them, and my brother and I listen to it a lot, and sing it. But my favourite, which takes the cake for me, is Spring trip.”

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