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As God does it

It’s almost three years since I started attending the Palánta Children’s Mission training course (CMT) in Budapest.
(I live in Pécs, the sessions were held once a month for one academic year).

I should just add that alongside a job and bringing up three children, it seemed like a pretty impossible undertaking – there was no motorway then – but the year flew by so fast. Since no longer attending, I have missed the sessions. What I really wanted to write about was this: During the course we were given no small amount of homework – quite justifiably of course – and some of this “could hardly be called ordinary.”

What would you say?

What would you say if you knew that a little Palánta girl (who joined a Palánta Bible group in one of the schools this year) prayed and gave her whole life to the Lord Jesus?! 

This girl writes letters to her father to share everything she learns on the Palánta scheme, everything she already knows about the Bible, and what she believes. Her father is in prison. And this father writes back to his daughter to tell her he has changed too, and he is taking this message seriously. When he gets out, they will attend church together.

And what would you say if you knew that the prison worker who preaches the gospel to him in prison, is the one who prays together in his own church from week to week with the same Palánta religious instruction teacher?

What would you say if you knew this were true?
I should just like to say this, “Lord, your ways are wonderful. Your timing is amazing. Your love and grace are endless. Thank you, Lord.”

They sent us this

Dear Palánta,
I am always happy to read the stories, confessions of faith and encouragement that you send me regularly. Strength and faith can always be drawn from these, and the goal can always be seen. Because the world does not always have the same attitude to everyday events as we do, who put our trust in God and in his Son, Jesus Christ.
I should also like to help you, and like last time, pray for you who are serving God. Please send your prayer requests, so that I can do my part too.

Love: M.

This takes it all

One of our Children’s Soul Winners writes about a school Palánta group experience:

My prodigious little girl began to sing the song “This little light of mine”. “Oh, where do you know that from?” – I asked. “From the CD we got. It’s on one of them, and my brother and I listen to it a lot, and sing it. But my favourite, which takes the cake for me, is Spring trip.”

Healing and a paper rose

Evangelina writes:

“In one of my schools, Emánuel told me with great pleasure that he had prayed for his cat’s swollen leg, and God had answered his prayer. Kitty got healed, praise God! And what’s more – he was pleased to inform me – Just imagine, I got two more cats as a present! (Hmm, I don’t know how pleased his parents were…) At this, Roland told me that his face had swollen up, and he had got healed too.”

“There’s a girl in one of my city centre schools who told me how traumatic it was for her when she found out, that when she was born, her father had said such foul things to her in the delivery room, that he had to be sent out. (Well, why a little girl had to be told details like that… I don’t think you would do it… but unfortunately this little girl heard about this.) Her father had paid no attention to her since either. When she told me this – it was last year – I made it clear to her that her father was living in darkness due to the sin in him, and he didn’t know what he was saying. But, given that this had happened, we should forgive him. At that time, we declared the words of forgiveness together. This was a victory.

Now she told me the happy news that her father had written her a kind letter, in fact, he included a rose made of paper!!!
(Thanks be to the Almighty for this miracle!!!)”

Palánta puppet show

“The charm of the Christmas holiday was enhanced still further by the Palánta puppet mission team. For years, traditionally just before Christmas, they have been bringing us delightful, heart-warming and instructive scenes. This year too, they helped us get in tune with the Christmas celebrations. Thank you for the fine performance.” (Source:


Yesterday we reached the “peak”. We were invited to the city Advent celebrations. The performance started at 5 pm., in an open-air location on the main square. Magnificent Christmas lights, lots of people.
The lady organiser gave us a warm welcome; we handed the CD over to the technician, and discussed lighting issues. We set up the screen quickly. We laid a woollen carpet over the snow, and arranged the rugs and musical boxes on this. It was interesting to feel the snow crunching under our knees. And the gong sounded.

We had never performed so well before in our lives! The presence of God’s Holy Spirit was tangible. Kossuth Square was filled up with God’s word. We could see there were a lot of people, but we couldn’t sense how many. We did what we had to, and God also accomplished his glorious work. It’s great that the words of Scripture are included in the script of the puppet show, and these were blasted out over the loudspeakers. We were practically floating on air there behind the screen!!!

They did not rush off after the performance, but stayed on to hand out CDs and PPs to the children. A few parents also said how good the puppet show was, how much their children had enjoyed it, or they had. They took photographs, and children were interested in asking questions. One little girl had seen Papa Panov at nursery school the previous year, and she asked if we were going to perform that again. We said this was a new play. At that, she put off meeting her friend, and asked her mother if she could watch the show!!! People also asked where they could find out more about Palánta – we recommended the website.

Finally, we also gave gifts to the organiser, the technician, and the security guard, and they were really touched by this. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it before, they just didn’t know how to express their gratitude.

All this happened at Christmas 2010, on the main square of one of the county towns of Hungary. :-)

Radiant joy

Dear Palánta Mission workers,

Thank you once again for that radiant joy which floods out from your associates when they come here. It would be good for everyone to learn from this.
I wish you endurance in your work, a great many grateful glances from the children, and also a blessed, peaceful festive season to all your kind, unselfish co-workers.

With love, Mrs. Gizella Pandur Papp
on behalf of the teaching staff and the pupils.

Not because he was bored

“I’ve got a story too!

Before leaving the programme with my daughters on Sunday, I talked to (??) the pastor about my personal problems. The pastor sent me to a nice sister, who has experience with keeping couples and families together. As we were walking out the door, I switched on my telephone (I always switch off my telephone at times like these), and what do I see? My daughters’ father had tried to ring six times. I phoned him – when would you like to see your daughters, after all, it’s weekend? (We had school on Saturday.) He came to visit us (I hadn’t invited him, or asked him to come) and he fixed the broken gas heater (I had been heating up water for baths and washing up on the gas cooker for a year). He revitalised the limping computer, and set to work on the broken convector, so I could heat both rooms.


Dear all, I should like to give some feedback too, as the Palánta puppet team has been a permanent guest in our nursery school for years now, and their CDs have provided the basic songs for our traditional school events (passing out ceremonies, Advent, end of year celebrations). As we are a Christian nursery school, we have become great “song consumers”!

It’s wonderful how quickly our children learn these songs, especially if they see how enthusiastic we (nursery school teachers) are too!

We thank God and you for all these great experiences! Peaceful Advent to you: Mrs. Ági K. and the TEAM from S.